Sandvika High School

Hello, my name is Aurora, and I’m a freshman at a High school named Sandvika vgs. Sandvika is a small city, which is located in the southeastern part of Norway. Sandvika is pretty close to the capital of Norway, Oslo. The students at Sandvika vgs, usually live near the area around Oslo, Bærum and Asker.

The Norwegian High School system is quite different from the High School system in for example The United States. In the USA, students often attend the high schools that are closest to their home, and they can’t decide which school they want to attend. In contrast, students in Norway have to compete with each other to attend their desired school. The “competition” involves having the best grades. If you get good grades in middle school, it is more likely that you will attend the High school that you desire.

Sandvika vgs is the most searched school in the county “Akershus”, so the students that attend this school often have quite good grades from middle school. There were 414 students that searched to attend sandvika vgs in the school year of 2015/2016, but the school only had room for 210 new freshmen. Luckuly I managed to get in to Sandvika.

Sandvika vgs used to be a collage named BI. Since BI was a collage, the building was built quite large. Today, the school has almost 900 students.


4 thoughts on “Sandvika High School”

  1. It sounds like you go to a nice school! How far away is the school from where you live? What happens to the people who don’t make it into your school? My school is different from a lot of other schools in Alaska. Our school system is not quite set up the same. The students have a lot of say in what we do.(the rules, events and so on) Here at Highland Tech, we do not pass assignments until we learn them at a proficient level. We also use technology here, but we don’t use computers for reading books in school. We have about 230 kids here so it is a very small school. We are like our own little community here. I am happy to attend my school because it’s a good kind of different and I would not want to attend any other school.


    1. Hi Victoria! Your school sounds amazing! It is about 10 kilomerters from where i live to Sandvika vgs, so it takes about 20 minnutes to travel by bus and train. If people that have searched to get into sandvika vgs and dosent have good enough grades, they wil attend andother school that the chose as “Second option”, or they wil just get placed somewhere.


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