A Visit from the Prime Minister

The 28th of August, the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg paid a visit to our high school; Sandvika Vgs. Erna visited the freshmen class 1STB, while they had science class. She came along with Anette Solli, who is the County Major in Akershus. The County Major in Bærum, Lisbeth Krogh did also visit our school.

While they were at Sandvika vgs, they were told about the different projects we have here. For example the extreme use of technology, digital tools and social media in the education.

Unfortunately, I did not get a selfie with Erna, but at least I saw her for a little while.


Here are some lucky students, taking a selfie with the Prime Minister.

( The picture is borrowed from the local newspaper; Budstikka.)


5 thoughts on “A Visit from the Prime Minister”

  1. Wow! That’s incredible how a Prime Minister visited your school! I’m sure she learned a lot about your school. Did you learn anything from her?


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