Excursion to Kolsåstoppen

Today the whole class went hiking on a hill called Kolsåstoppen. The hill has two tops that are called Nordre or Varden (387 moh.) and Søndre (342 moh.) The hill is located in the county Bærum. The reason why we went to Kolsåstoppen, was because we had an assignment in our geography class, that said that we had to visit the hill to study different types of rocks. Originally we had to do this after school, but our English teacher Ann let us do it during English class, that was really nice of her! Thank you Ann!

It was kind of a struggle to get to Kolsåstoppen, because I’m from another county, so I had never been there before. Also, my friends and I got lost because we got of at the wrong bus stop.

This is a picture of my lost friends ( Julie and Ingrid.)

Back to the geography, there are a lot of limestone and rhomb porphyry at Kolsåstoppen. Here is a picture of rhomb porphyry:



This is a picture of Julie (right) and me (left) although we don’t look so happy in this picture, we are. The view was really nice as well.


5 thoughts on “Excursion to Kolsåstoppen”

  1. Lol, it was so lættis that you forgot to go off the bus!!!! I think it is really sporty of you to go all the way to Kolsås, if you are from another country. Which country are you from??


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