Spare Parts

Last English class, the class watched a movie called Spare pants. Spare parts is a film from 2015 that is based on a true story. The plot is basically about four Hispanic boys, from Carl Hayden High School that competes in the M.I.T competition, witch is a robot competition. They cooperate with each other to build this robot with spare parts, and their budget was 800 dollars. I believe that all of the boys were in The usa as illegal immigrants, or their parents brought them there.

The movie brings up a lot of important topics, such as immigration politics, the importance of friendship and teamwork, and also the importance of motivation.

Teamwork is very important when you work at a project like they did. The team from Carl Hayden high school won the competition with their not so fancy robot, because of their great teamwork and support from their teacher. The boys were good at different things. For example: Christian was really good at computer stuff and Lorenzo was a mechanic as well as being quite smart. When all of the boys worked together, all their qualities cooperated together and their result was that they won the M.I.T competition against Ivy League collages.


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