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At Sandvika vgs, we use technology in every subject. My class, 1STC is part of a project where we have digital books on our Pc/mac instead of paper books. At first it was a bit hard to get used to the digital books, but now I have realized that it is actually really convenient. Instead of carrying many books home, we have all our books on our pc/mac at all times. It is also easier to start doing your homework, and other assigments, because all you need is your computer.

This kind of technology is relatively new, so there have been some problems and challenges. For example, we have a notebook system that is called β€œOne note.” Personally, I thought it was quite complicated and I had a lot of troubles with it. The technological problems that sometimes come with this project have made me even better at technology and finding solutions to technical problems.

The technological world is constantly developing and technical aids will only be more and more common. Therefore, it is great that we are getting used to it at an early age.

Technology is also a lot healthier for the enviorment, since we dont have to print as many books as before.

At Sandvika vgs, the teachers are preparing us for the technical work- life.

Here is a picture of my Spanish class, where everyone is using technology to learn:



14 thoughts on “Using technology”

  1. Hey there . Yes I do agree with you that some technical difficulties will occur when we use our technology in school. For instant in South African Johannesburg at Dainfern College we use our phones , laptops,macs,iPads to do research and to have all our homework and projects in one place , it is a lot easier to manage as I’m no longer losing my pages of work that I have as they all on my phone/iPad . It also saves a lot of paper as I’m not painting as many pages of paper anymore it is also more cost saving cause we have to pay to print.


  2. Hi, I just read your blog about being introduced to technology at your school and I’d like to say that I went through basically the same thing when I first came to this school last year. My name is Ash by the way and I’m from South Africa. I live in an informal settlement and I was introduced to iPads last year when I got a bursary to go to a private school for high school. The first few weeks were tough because I didn’t even have a smart phone. But I soon got used to it and I cannot live without my phone and iPad since they both have my school work on them. I think people are starting to use technology for basically everything now and I think it’s safe to say that it is dominating.


  3. Hi Aurora! My name is Gabi and I’m in Mr Terblanches history class in South Africa. You may have heard of him through one of your teachers. We were told today to read someone’s blog about using technology and post a comment about how we use technology here at Dainfern College. Two years ago, they implemented iPads as a new form of textbooks in grades 6; 7; 8 and 9. By mid year they were ready to take away iPads and get textbooks again. We mostly use books and do written work but we do get the option of having digitized books.


  4. Hi Aurora! I’m at a school that also uses technology in classrooms, but not in such a major way like you do. i agree with your statement about how technology does have issues, but yes we are in an innovating world and technology will always be improving, so it is better that we start using technology frequently at a young age to be able to be extensively involved in it in the future.


    1. Hello Taylor-Baylor!
      I would really love you to join our class one day. It is really interesting how much technology can help us learn. The technology is our future, so it is really great we are using it a lot.


  5. Hi! I’m Victoria from Highland Tech Charter School in Alaska. It’s neat how you use digitalized books in school. I like your positive way of thinking about how problems with computers help you become better at problem solving.


  6. Hi! I’m from This is very similar to how my school works (HighlandTech Anchorage, Alaska), and we do our work mostly on a pc/mac! We use Google Docs for work, and usually email to our teachers and they can see it and leave suggestions if anything needs fixing. We also have a grading website that we can also send our work to!
    I love this little section, it was very thorough and easy to read! Good work! I hope we can talk again! Lovely blog!


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