Today I read a short story by Ernest Hemingway. The short story is called “A day´s wait.” A day´s wait is about a little boy who is nine years old. He got a fever, and he was told that he had 102 in fever. Therefore he went the whole day believing he was going to die.

Facts About Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was an American author who was born in 1899. Early in his life, he worked in a newspaper. He also served in WW1 as an ambulance driver. Hemingway did also contribute in the Spanish Civil war and in WW2. After the war, in 1954 he received the Nobel price in literature for his influential writing.

Hemingway was married four times. It seemed like every time ha got married, he fell in love with another, often younger women.

He most likely suffered from some mental illnesses and he also had an alcoholic problem. Because of these factors and his lack of self-control, Hemingway committed suicide in 1961.


The lost generation

The lost generation is a term that was made popular by Hemingway. According to him, the generation that served and grew up during WW1 was the lost generation. He used the term in his novel “The sun also rises” that was published in 1926.

Since Hemingway served in ww1 he was a part of the lost generation.

An influential style

Hemingway had an influential writing style, along with the other lost generation writers, such as Sherwood Anderson and F. Scott Fitzgerald. They all had new and different writing styles. Especially Hemingway’s way of writing a dialogue has influenced many writers.

Right after High School he started working in the Cannes newspaper without going to college.

Hemingway´s writing style was based on short sentences and direct writing, this was probably a result if his earlier news paper writing.


As I have mentioned, Hemingway’s style was quite brief. Instead of using many adjectives and adverbs, he used vivid verbs and precise nouns.

He used long sentences for description and short sentences for dialogue to vary his writing. When the characters have a dialogue, Hemingway writes realistically.

Facts become fiction

Much of Hemingway’s writing was based on actual events that had occurred. For example the short story “A day´s wait” was based on a true story. As I have mentioned, the story is about a little boy with a fever.

While Hemingway lived in France, his son came down and had a fever and he reacted similar to the boy in the story. You can therefore se an obvious similarity between the short story and Hemingway’s life experience.

The way Hemmingway wrote from line 65 to 85 was a great example of his writing. He used short sentences such as “The doctor.” During the dialogue, and he used longer sentences like “ He was evidently holding tight onto himself about something.” When he was describing the situation.



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