The Indigenous people of Australia are called “Aboriginals.”

Although the term aboriginal includes the Tiwi people, Noongar people, and Torres Strait Islanders, the term “aboriginal” is tradittionaly applied to the indigenous inhabitants of Australia and Tasmina.

Recently there have been findings that show that the aboriginals probably were the first modern humans to migrate to Asia out of Africa. This happened about 70.000 years ago. The aboriginals arrived in Australia for about 50.000 years ago.

Today, there are only about 3% of Australian inhabitants who are Aboriginals. 30% of them live in the northern territory in Australia.


Picture from Wikipedia.org/Indigenous_people

The rainbow serpent

The story about the rainbow serpent is often passed through generations. Today our class watched a film where Dick Roughtsey version of the story was told.

The rainbow serpent is a huge, special snake that looks for his own tribe. His name is Goorialla and he travels all over the country to look for his tribe.

When he arrived to Cape York he heard some strange voices and realised that this place was not where he belonged. Then, he travelled further and found his people, who were singing and dancing. On his way to his tribe, he shaped the landscape that was so flat and lifeless. He made mountains and rivers. Goorialla was welcomed and he showed the tribe how to dance and how to dress.



Picture from: flickr.com/photos/ladymaggic/

There was a huge storm that was coming and two men did not have shelter. Therefore they climbed inside Gooriallas mouth and he swallowed them. Goorialla fled north toward a mountain he had made and the tribe followed his tracks. Two men cut Goorialla open and found the boys who had changed into parrots.

Goorialla got angry and tore the mountain to pieces witch would later form the hills and the mountains of today. Many of the people turned into animals such as birds, insects and plants.

The myth says that all the animals that were made back then, live in Australia today. All because of Goorialla. Before him there was no landscape and no plant and animal life in the country. The myth also says that the shooting star they can se at the sky is Goriallas eye, that watches everybody.

My thoughts

Many scientists have found out that the earth was made by the “Big bang.” Later, the evolution of earth resulted in plants and animals; witch again evolved into more adapted plants and animals. Later on ,the human evolved.

I believe that humans of all times have wondered how this earth came to be. In the Bible it says that god created the world and the animal life. Maybe that was the logical reason for the humans living in the time where Christianity occurred. I think they thought that there had to be a reason why the animals and plants exist.

After hearing the story about the Rainbow serpent, I started to believe that the aboriginals thought the reason for why there exists animals, mountains, rivers and plants had to be because of the rainbow serpent. It is most likely someone that made the story, thinking that it could be a reason for life on earth, or just because the person thought is was a good story to tell.





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