Learning English

The way I learn English the best, is when I read and write English. I also learn a lot by talking casually in groups. My class have been lucky enough to be able to Skype with students from Australia, and I believe that those conversations my fellow students have had helped many of them to be better English speakers. Unfortunately, I haven’t Skyped with any students yet, but I maybe in the future.



Skyping, having presentations, making videos and talking in groups are great ways for me to improve my speaking skills. In my opinion, it is better to talk without making a script first because   in real life, I can´t have a script with me whenever I’m going to talk English. By reading books, news, articles and other types of English text, I learn new words and I improve my vocabulary. I have experienced that I learn better ways of writing English and new words by reading.


In English class, I used to prefer working individually, but lately I have liked to work in groups. When we were making the Kahoot video we had a lot of fun and I could never make that video alone. I like to work in different ways, sometimes writing blog post or doing tasks is the best way of learning for me, but other days I learn better by doing more practical work. Today I used “the study zone” to practise grammar, reading and to improve my vocabulary.

The tasks helped me learn, and the level 410 fitted me well. The vocabulary tasks were a little blitt more complicated than the gammar and reading tasks in my opinion. I shold definatly work more on grammar and vocabulary tasks.



3 thoughts on “Learning English”

  1. Well written blog post about your own language learning. You covered all of the topics we were looking for here. Glad you like to work in groups now. As when collaborating you get to do more. Hope you get to skype with the Australians too.


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