To next year´s students

Today in class, we watched three commencement speeches for different colleges. The first speech we watched was written by Ellen Degeneres. She held her speech for the college Tulane in New Orleans. In the commencement speech, she told a part of her life story. She told the graduates that she once had hit rock bottom. Ellen also told the graduates that when she was their age, she thought she knew who she was, and she did not have any future plans. Ellen´s speech was quite funny, but at the same time quite serious. The greatest advice Ellen gave the graduates was that they had to stay true to themselves, and be themselves. At the same time, she also told them to not take advice from anyone.

The second speech we watched was by J.K Rowling. Her speech reminded me a bit of Ellens speech. Rowling had also hit rock bottom  once, and she once was extremely poor. Both speeches had the same message; to stay true to who you are, and listen to yourself. Rowling also mentioned that she chose to do what she wanted to do. Her parents did  not want her to take those subject she chose to take, but she did it anyway. In the long run, the subjects she took, paid off.

Steven Spielberg said that we should look into each other’s eyes, instead of looking down at our mobile phones. I think that that was a great tip because the world has become so obsessed with these smartphones, that we no longer pay attention to our surroundings.

My advice to next year’s students is that when it comes to the time where you will have to choose subjects for year 2, choose the subjects that seem most interesting to you. If you are interested in what you are learning, it is easier to learn and get a good grade. Don’t just take the hardest math because you “have to” if you really don’t like math, then you won’t achieve a good grade. Mey second tip is to not listen too much to what the teachers are saying. Some of my teachers told me to take subjects like science and biology, and others advised me to not choose those difficult subjects. My tip is to choose what seems most interesting, and what you believe you can do well.

It is a bit harder to get good grades in Vgs, so another tip is to pay attention in class. That way it won’t be as difficult when the tests come. In vgs, it is not so many teachers that give or check your homework ,unless it is a graded homework. So if you want to do well, you have to put your own effort in you work. Nobody is going to force you to do well, you have to choose that for yourself.



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