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To next year´s students

Today in class, we watched three commencement speeches for different colleges. The first speech we watched was written by Ellen Degeneres. She held her speech for the college Tulane in New Orleans. In the commencement speech, she told a part of her life story. She told the graduates that she once had hit rock bottom. Ellen also told the graduates that when she was their age, she thought she knew who she was, and she did not have any future plans. Ellen´s speech was quite funny, but at the same time quite serious. The greatest advice Ellen gave the graduates was that they had to stay true to themselves, and be themselves. At the same time, she also told them to not take advice from anyone.

The second speech we watched was by J.K Rowling. Her speech reminded me a bit of Ellens speech. Rowling had also hit rock bottom  once, and she once was extremely poor. Both speeches had the same message; to stay true to who you are, and listen to yourself. Rowling also mentioned that she chose to do what she wanted to do. Her parents did  not want her to take those subject she chose to take, but she did it anyway. In the long run, the subjects she took, paid off.

Steven Spielberg said that we should look into each other’s eyes, instead of looking down at our mobile phones. I think that that was a great tip because the world has become so obsessed with these smartphones, that we no longer pay attention to our surroundings.

My advice to next year’s students is that when it comes to the time where you will have to choose subjects for year 2, choose the subjects that seem most interesting to you. If you are interested in what you are learning, it is easier to learn and get a good grade. Don’t just take the hardest math because you “have to” if you really don’t like math, then you won’t achieve a good grade. Mey second tip is to not listen too much to what the teachers are saying. Some of my teachers told me to take subjects like science and biology, and others advised me to not choose those difficult subjects. My tip is to choose what seems most interesting, and what you believe you can do well.

It is a bit harder to get good grades in Vgs, so another tip is to pay attention in class. That way it won’t be as difficult when the tests come. In vgs, it is not so many teachers that give or check your homework ,unless it is a graded homework. So if you want to do well, you have to put your own effort in you work. Nobody is going to force you to do well, you have to choose that for yourself.



My reading of ” The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian


to live between two cultures.

1) Traveling between Reardan and Wellpinit, between the little white town and the reservation, I always felt like a stranger.

I was half Indian in one place and half white in the other.

It was like being Indian was my job, but it was only a part-time job. And it didn’t pay well.

2) “The people at home,” I said. “A lot of them call me an apple.”

“Do they think you’re a fruit or something?” he asked.

“No, no,” I said. “They call me an apple because they think I’m red on the outside and white on the inside.”

I found two quotes that I felt matched the theme perfectly. There are several themes in the book such as alcoholism, friendship, and racism. Nevertheless, I think that the main theme in the book is to live between two cultures. Junior does not fit in with the Indian community and he doesn’t fit in in the ”white” community either. He feels like he plays the role of Arnold outside the rez, and junior inside the rez. He is constantly stuck between two different cultures.


The new school

”My name is Melinda”, she said. ”Welcome to Redarn High School. Here´s your schedule, a copy of the school constitution and moral code, and a temporary student ID. We´ve got you assigned to Mr. Grant for homeroom. You better hustle on down there. You´re late.”

”Ah where is that?” I asked.

”We´ve only got one hallway here”, he said and smiled. She had red hair and green eyes and was kind of sexy for an old woman. ” It´s all the way down on the left.”

I showed the paperwork into my backpack and hustled down to my homeroom.

The setting in the book is partly in the rez but mostly in Juniors new school and home. I chose this quote because it is his first meet with the new school.

Plot Quote:

To choose your own path

I cried because so many of my fellow tribal members were slowly killing themselves and I wanted them to live. I wanted them to get strong and get sober and get the hell off the rez. It´s a weird thing. Reservations were meant to be prisons, you know? Indians were supposed to move onto reservations and die. We were supposed to disappear. But somehow or another, Indians have forgotten that reservations were met to be death camps. I wept because I was the only one who was brave and crazy enough to leave the rez. I was the only one with enough arrogance. I wept and wept and wept because I knew that I was never going to drink and because I was never going to kill myself and because I was going to have a better life out in the white world.

I think this quote describes the plot in the book quite well. The book is basically about junior, the Indian boy who has big dreams and decides to leave the rez. A huge part of the book is also about how the Indians have been victims of alcoholism; which has resulted in a lot of tragedies within the Indian communities.

Character development:

“You`re an old-time nomad,” Rowdy said. “You`re going to keep moving over the world in search of food and water and grazing land. That`s pretty cool.” I could barely talk. “Thank you,” I said. I would always love Rowdy. And I would always miss him, too. Just as I would always love and miss my grandmother, my big sister, and Eugene.Just as I would always miss my reservations and my tribe.”

It was very hard to find one part of the book that showed Juniors development as a character. I think that Junior does change and developed throughout the entire book, and it is quite hard to pick out one part. Although I think this part describes Junior`s, and actually Rowdy`s growth. I feel like junior became more confident as well, longer into the book.

The president election

  1. List of the candidates who are running for president

The democrats:

  • Clinton
  • Sanders

The republicans:

  • Cruz
  • Kasich
  • Trump

2) According to the Presidential Election quiz, I side With Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. According to the test, I agree with them 97%.

3) Issue: Gay marriage

There are a lot of different opinions about whether Gay marriage should be legal or not. The people who are against gay marriage believe that marriages should be between a man and a woman. Some approve of  Civil unions but they do not approve of marriage between same sex. About 96% of the Republicans are against gay marriage, and on the democrat side, there is  6%  that is against gay marriage.

4) I do not think that Trump could have been a candidate in Europe. Very few Europeans like trump. According to the Magazine ”Politico” Europeans are obsessed with trump because he stands for everything Europeans love to hate about the USA. I agree with that statement because to me Trump seems like a loud and dramatic person. I do not think that Europe would like him as a leader. To me, his behavior is not suitable for a president and the whole “show” he puts up reminds me of a badly directed movie and it just gets quite comic. I do not take trump serious because of his mean and childish behavior. I could not vote for Trump because of his unsuitable behavior, and I don’t like him as a person or a leader.

5) Hilary Clinton tweets:

“If we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together.” —Hillary in FL

“Our next president has to bring our country together. We should be breaking down barriers, not building walls.”

I think that those two tweets were quite motivating and positive.

Donald Trump tweets:

“I will bring our jobs back to the U.S., and keep our companies from leaving. Nobody else can do it. Our economy will “sing” again.”

“Ohio is losing jobs to Mexico, now losing Ford (and many others). Kasich is weak on illegal immigration. We need strong borders now!”

These tweets symbolise some of the things that Trump stand for. For example preventing illegal immigration.

6) The images for the democratic and the republican party is an elephant and a donkey.

The Elephant is the image of the Republicans and the Donkey is the image of the Democrats.


The “Democratic donkey” was first associated with Democrat Andrew Jackson’s 1828 presidential campaign. His opponents called him a jackass (a donkey), and Jackson decided to use the image of the animal on his campaign posters.

Nast drew a cartoon in which an elephant was portrayed as the “republican vote”

7) The democrats need 2,383 delegates to secure the party’s nomination., while the republicans need 1,237 delegates.

8) In the newspaper “New York post” Trump is portraited as quite aggressive and Clinton is portraited as unstoppable. “The Washingtonpost” portraited them neutrally.

9) If i was an american i would vote for Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders according to the test i took, and based on what i have learned Today. Because of Trumph i now have a pretty bad impression of the republicans.


First impressions

My impression of Sherman Alexie is that he seems like a very reflected person. He overcame a lot of challenges growing up, and he has made difficult decisions in his life. In spite of his difficult childhood and earlier alcohol problems, he seems positive, and I got a good impression of him.

Sherman Alexie’s book “ the absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian” Seems interesting. Since the book is about and based on Sherman Alexie’s life, the story seems believable and true.

Nick Hornby’s book “About a boy” seems interesting as well, but in the interview, I did not understand when the interviewer and Nick talked about the book or when they talked about Nick. They also talked a lot about music and I did not get the entire content of the conversation.


I Found Sherman Alexie’s book more interesting than nick Hornby’s and I was more drawn to the plot in his book. I have therefore decided that I am going to read Sherman Alexie´s book “The Absolutely True Diary Of a Part-time Indian”As I have mentioned, I like that the book is based on the authors life and I find it interesting to read about though and difficult themes such as alcohol abuse and bullying. By reading about themes like that I get more attached to the characters in the book and I took that into consideration when I chose which book I wanted

As I have mentioned, I like that the book is based on the authors life and I find it interesting to read about though and difficult themes such as alcohol abuse and bullying. By reading about themes like that I get more attached to the characters in the book and I took that into consideration when I chose which book I wanted tor read. I think I will enjoy reading Sherman Alexie’s book.

After only reading the first two chapters of the book “The Absouluetly True diary of a Part-Time Indian” I am already into the book. I like they way the author writes in a way that is funny, yet heartbreaking at the same time. The author describes how the main character “junior” was born with a brain damage and some affects this has had, in an almost funny way. In the second chapter, the reader finds out that junior’s dog dies and that is heartbreaking since the dog was juniors best friend. So far, I like the book and I am exited to continue my reading.

Two kinds

Last week in English class, we read a short story called “Two kinds” by Amy Tan. The short story outlines the main character Jing-Mei Woo’s childhood, and the effects of her mother’s high expectations for her life. I would say that the theme in the story is ”The American dream” and independence. Jing-Mei´s mother moved from china in hope for a better life for her and her daughter in America. She tries her best to make Jing-Mei succeed and become a prodigy.

Mrs Woo lost everything in China. She lost her husband, her house and two of her daughters. I think that she tries very hard to make Jing-Mei her “perfect” child since she lost her other daughters. Mrs Woo puts a lot of pressure on her daughter, she wants her to be the next Shirley Temple at first, but later she decides that Jing-Mei could be a piano prodigy. Jing-Mei feels that she is never able to play the songs right and she does not want to play the piano at all. But since her mother wants her to, and even bought a piano, Jing-Mei feels like she has to play for her mother’s sake.

Earlier in Jing-Mei´s childhood, she did as her mother told her, although she disagreed with her. After a while, she gets tired of her mother controlling her life, and she just wants her to love her, as she is, not for what she can do. Throughout her childhood and life, she disappoints her mother several times. She did not become class president, she did not get into Stanford and she dropped out of college.

I think she dropped out of college as a statement towards her mom. Since Mrs Woo was so controlling, Jing-Mei decided not to do the things her mom wanted her to.

The story ends with Jing-Mei trying to play the piano again several years later. She then discovers that for all these years, she has only played half the piano notes while playing. And that’s why she never played it right.

In my opinion, Jing-Mei´s mother was way too involved with her child’s future plans. Children will never be great at something, unless they want to, and put their minds into it. Therefore, there is no need for parents to push a child into doing something, to fulfill their own dreams. It seemed to me that the mother in the story wanted to achieve her own goals and dreams through her daughter.

I believe that the statement “It is more difficult for immigrant children to find their identity than other children.” is partially true. Immigrant children often feel like they are a part of both their native country, and the country they currently live in. The culture of both countries affects them, and that can be confusing at times. I also believe that it can be just as hard for children without a foreign background to find their identity. It depends on the person, and it depends on the different influences the children get.

It is a constant conflict between the mother and the daughter in the short story. I think that arguing with parents is a natural part of growing up, but when it is as constant as in “Two kinds” the relationship between the parent and the child does not get stronger, but worsened.

I liked the short story. I think that it is a good story about growing up and finding your own identity. Jing-Mei learned to stand up for herself and she learned to take her own choices.

Learning English

The way I learn English the best, is when I read and write English. I also learn a lot by talking casually in groups. My class have been lucky enough to be able to Skype with students from Australia, and I believe that those conversations my fellow students have had helped many of them to be better English speakers. Unfortunately, I haven’t Skyped with any students yet, but I maybe in the future.



Skyping, having presentations, making videos and talking in groups are great ways for me to improve my speaking skills. In my opinion, it is better to talk without making a script first because   in real life, I can´t have a script with me whenever I’m going to talk English. By reading books, news, articles and other types of English text, I learn new words and I improve my vocabulary. I have experienced that I learn better ways of writing English and new words by reading.


In English class, I used to prefer working individually, but lately I have liked to work in groups. When we were making the Kahoot video we had a lot of fun and I could never make that video alone. I like to work in different ways, sometimes writing blog post or doing tasks is the best way of learning for me, but other days I learn better by doing more practical work. Today I used “the study zone” to practise grammar, reading and to improve my vocabulary.

The tasks helped me learn, and the level 410 fitted me well. The vocabulary tasks were a little blitt more complicated than the gammar and reading tasks in my opinion. I shold definatly work more on grammar and vocabulary tasks.