How I use technology in class

In class today we had a project, where we made a video about using Kahoot. It was fun to film it and I would say that it was quite successful. Before filming we had to allocate the different jobs that comes with making a video. I contributed with making the script and I was also a part of the camera team.

Here is our commercial movie:


We used a green-screen to get the different backgrounds in the movie. We borrowed a professional camera to film with, and we borrowed clothes from the media room. The whole team worked great together and we worked almost the entire time, for two and a half hours. The video is kind of a commercial video, where we explain some pros about using kahoot. Personally I like to use Kahoot, since it helps me to learn in a fun way.

Here are some photos from the film production:



The Indigenous people of Australia are called “Aboriginals.”

Although the term aboriginal includes the Tiwi people, Noongar people, and Torres Strait Islanders, the term “aboriginal” is tradittionaly applied to the indigenous inhabitants of Australia and Tasmina.

Recently there have been findings that show that the aboriginals probably were the first modern humans to migrate to Asia out of Africa. This happened about 70.000 years ago. The aboriginals arrived in Australia for about 50.000 years ago.

Today, there are only about 3% of Australian inhabitants who are Aboriginals. 30% of them live in the northern territory in Australia.


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The rainbow serpent

The story about the rainbow serpent is often passed through generations. Today our class watched a film where Dick Roughtsey version of the story was told.

The rainbow serpent is a huge, special snake that looks for his own tribe. His name is Goorialla and he travels all over the country to look for his tribe.

When he arrived to Cape York he heard some strange voices and realised that this place was not where he belonged. Then, he travelled further and found his people, who were singing and dancing. On his way to his tribe, he shaped the landscape that was so flat and lifeless. He made mountains and rivers. Goorialla was welcomed and he showed the tribe how to dance and how to dress.



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There was a huge storm that was coming and two men did not have shelter. Therefore they climbed inside Gooriallas mouth and he swallowed them. Goorialla fled north toward a mountain he had made and the tribe followed his tracks. Two men cut Goorialla open and found the boys who had changed into parrots.

Goorialla got angry and tore the mountain to pieces witch would later form the hills and the mountains of today. Many of the people turned into animals such as birds, insects and plants.

The myth says that all the animals that were made back then, live in Australia today. All because of Goorialla. Before him there was no landscape and no plant and animal life in the country. The myth also says that the shooting star they can se at the sky is Goriallas eye, that watches everybody.

My thoughts

Many scientists have found out that the earth was made by the “Big bang.” Later, the evolution of earth resulted in plants and animals; witch again evolved into more adapted plants and animals. Later on ,the human evolved.

I believe that humans of all times have wondered how this earth came to be. In the Bible it says that god created the world and the animal life. Maybe that was the logical reason for the humans living in the time where Christianity occurred. I think they thought that there had to be a reason why the animals and plants exist.

After hearing the story about the Rainbow serpent, I started to believe that the aboriginals thought the reason for why there exists animals, mountains, rivers and plants had to be because of the rainbow serpent. It is most likely someone that made the story, thinking that it could be a reason for life on earth, or just because the person thought is was a good story to tell.



Today I read a short story by Ernest Hemingway. The short story is called “A day´s wait.” A day´s wait is about a little boy who is nine years old. He got a fever, and he was told that he had 102 in fever. Therefore he went the whole day believing he was going to die.

Facts About Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was an American author who was born in 1899. Early in his life, he worked in a newspaper. He also served in WW1 as an ambulance driver. Hemingway did also contribute in the Spanish Civil war and in WW2. After the war, in 1954 he received the Nobel price in literature for his influential writing.

Hemingway was married four times. It seemed like every time ha got married, he fell in love with another, often younger women.

He most likely suffered from some mental illnesses and he also had an alcoholic problem. Because of these factors and his lack of self-control, Hemingway committed suicide in 1961.


The lost generation

The lost generation is a term that was made popular by Hemingway. According to him, the generation that served and grew up during WW1 was the lost generation. He used the term in his novel “The sun also rises” that was published in 1926.

Since Hemingway served in ww1 he was a part of the lost generation.

An influential style

Hemingway had an influential writing style, along with the other lost generation writers, such as Sherwood Anderson and F. Scott Fitzgerald. They all had new and different writing styles. Especially Hemingway’s way of writing a dialogue has influenced many writers.

Right after High School he started working in the Cannes newspaper without going to college.

Hemingway´s writing style was based on short sentences and direct writing, this was probably a result if his earlier news paper writing.


As I have mentioned, Hemingway’s style was quite brief. Instead of using many adjectives and adverbs, he used vivid verbs and precise nouns.

He used long sentences for description and short sentences for dialogue to vary his writing. When the characters have a dialogue, Hemingway writes realistically.

Facts become fiction

Much of Hemingway’s writing was based on actual events that had occurred. For example the short story “A day´s wait” was based on a true story. As I have mentioned, the story is about a little boy with a fever.

While Hemingway lived in France, his son came down and had a fever and he reacted similar to the boy in the story. You can therefore se an obvious similarity between the short story and Hemingway’s life experience.

The way Hemmingway wrote from line 65 to 85 was a great example of his writing. He used short sentences such as “The doctor.” During the dialogue, and he used longer sentences like “ He was evidently holding tight onto himself about something.” When he was describing the situation.


Is it brave to suffer in silence?

Everyone has different ways of dealing with pain. Some may keep all their problems and pain to them selves, while others find it better to tell people about their struggles. The question is: Is it an act of bravery to deal with your pain alone, or is it braver to have the courage to tell someone about your pain?

In my opinion, telling someone about your pain demands a lot of courage. You may be considered strong if you don’t complain about your problems, but if you tell you are brave in my opinion.

Obviously it is not easy to tell someone about your problems, but if you for instance break your arm, it is better to tell your parents, so they can take you to the hospital. If you don’t tell anyone about your broken arm, you wont get a cast and your arm won’t heal either.

So, do you want to be strong or brave?

Using technology

At Sandvika vgs, we use technology in every subject. My class, 1STC is part of a project where we have digital books on our Pc/mac instead of paper books. At first it was a bit hard to get used to the digital books, but now I have realized that it is actually really convenient. Instead of carrying many books home, we have all our books on our pc/mac at all times. It is also easier to start doing your homework, and other assigments, because all you need is your computer.

This kind of technology is relatively new, so there have been some problems and challenges. For example, we have a notebook system that is called “One note.” Personally, I thought it was quite complicated and I had a lot of troubles with it. The technological problems that sometimes come with this project have made me even better at technology and finding solutions to technical problems.

The technological world is constantly developing and technical aids will only be more and more common. Therefore, it is great that we are getting used to it at an early age.

Technology is also a lot healthier for the enviorment, since we dont have to print as many books as before.

At Sandvika vgs, the teachers are preparing us for the technical work- life.

Here is a picture of my Spanish class, where everyone is using technology to learn:



Ireland politics: 

The republic of Ireland is a parliamentary democracy were the people chose their politicians and can in theory throw them out if they want to. The different Irish parties are very alike and currently four different parties sits in the Parliment. The biggest one is Fine Gael which had 36,1 % of the votes in 2011. Fine Gael is a right center party much like Fianna Fail who was the biggest party untill 2007. They stand for the Free world, but have in modern times been a strong rural force.

The Irish president or Your Excellency is Micheal D. Huggings and was voted for in 2011. In Ireland  the president is chosen every seven year and can only sit two times in a row. The president in Ireland serves as a big ceremonial purpose.

The Irish system works very well, and shows that Ireland is a country where they are very personal, and politics is a lot about rubbing elbows and attending to funerals and dinnerparties.

Questions for Kahoot:

Who is the President in The rubuplic a

Irish literature: 

The Irish literature comprises writings in the Irish, Latin and English languages on the island of Ireland. The English language was introduced to Ireland in the thirteenth century, following the Norman Conquest of Ireland. The Irish language, however, remained the dominant language of Irish literature down to the nineteenth century.

One of the most famous Irish writers who wrote in English and who were at the forefront of the modernist movement is named James Joyce, whose novel Ulysses is considered one of the most influential of the century. Other well known Irish writers from the twenty-first century include Colum McCann, Anne Enright, Robby Doyle, Sebastian Barry, Colm Toibin and John Banville, all of whom have all won major awards.


Ireland is divided in eight Regions.

The capital in Ireland is Dublin. In the Viking area, Norwegian Vikings settled here and Vikings therefore established Dublin. After a period of Norwegian and Danish rule, the British people gained more and more influence in the city. Dublin became the capital of Ireland after the country was divided in 1921. The population are speaking English and Gaelic.

The Irish people are known for their music, sense of humour, poetry, tales and myths. Shamrocks are typical Irish. The shamrocks are considered by the Irish to bring luck.

Londonderry is the second largest city in Northern Ireland; the city is often called Derry. There are 103 700 habitants in the large city (2006.)

The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. There are almost 300.000 habitants in the capital; witch makes it the largest city in Northern Ireland. In 1912 the titanic was built here and the city is a centre for industry, business and culture.

Spare Parts

Last English class, the class watched a movie called Spare pants. Spare parts is a film from 2015 that is based on a true story. The plot is basically about four Hispanic boys, from Carl Hayden High School that competes in the M.I.T competition, witch is a robot competition. They cooperate with each other to build this robot with spare parts, and their budget was 800 dollars. I believe that all of the boys were in The usa as illegal immigrants, or their parents brought them there.

The movie brings up a lot of important topics, such as immigration politics, the importance of friendship and teamwork, and also the importance of motivation.

Teamwork is very important when you work at a project like they did. The team from Carl Hayden high school won the competition with their not so fancy robot, because of their great teamwork and support from their teacher. The boys were good at different things. For example: Christian was really good at computer stuff and Lorenzo was a mechanic as well as being quite smart. When all of the boys worked together, all their qualities cooperated together and their result was that they won the M.I.T competition against Ivy League collages.