Excursion to Kolsåstoppen

Today the whole class went hiking on a hill called Kolsåstoppen. The hill has two tops that are called Nordre or Varden (387 moh.) and Søndre (342 moh.) The hill is located in the county Bærum. The reason why we went to Kolsåstoppen, was because we had an assignment in our geography class, that said that we had to visit the hill to study different types of rocks. Originally we had to do this after school, but our English teacher Ann let us do it during English class, that was really nice of her! Thank you Ann!

It was kind of a struggle to get to Kolsåstoppen, because I’m from another county, so I had never been there before. Also, my friends and I got lost because we got of at the wrong bus stop.

This is a picture of my lost friends ( Julie and Ingrid.)

Back to the geography, there are a lot of limestone and rhomb porphyry at Kolsåstoppen. Here is a picture of rhomb porphyry:



This is a picture of Julie (right) and me (left) although we don’t look so happy in this picture, we are. The view was really nice as well.


A Visit from the Prime Minister

The 28th of August, the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg paid a visit to our high school; Sandvika Vgs. Erna visited the freshmen class 1STB, while they had science class. She came along with Anette Solli, who is the County Major in Akershus. The County Major in Bærum, Lisbeth Krogh did also visit our school.

While they were at Sandvika vgs, they were told about the different projects we have here. For example the extreme use of technology, digital tools and social media in the education.

Unfortunately, I did not get a selfie with Erna, but at least I saw her for a little while.


Here are some lucky students, taking a selfie with the Prime Minister.

( The picture is borrowed from the local newspaper; Budstikka.)

The landlady by Roald Dhal

The landlady by road dhal is a typical short story. The short story develops over a short period of time, and there are few characters in the story. Also, the excitement in the story builds up towards the end.

The story is basically about a Seventeen-year-old boy named Billy weaver, who is looking for a place to spend the night in Bath. I had read the story before, so I knew exactly what would happen. This time, I understood more about the story though. When I first read the story in middle school, I did not understand the story, but I remember thinking that it started quite nice. I thought that the landlady was such a nice person, but later I understood that she was a bit crazy. First I thought she was just a little forgetful but in the end I realized that she was mad.

The suspense was built up when Billy came in to the living room and realized that all the cozy animals were dead and stuffed. I got surprised that she had stuffed all her deceased animals, and I believe that she stuffed her other male visitors as well. I think that she put something poisonous in their tea, which made them die and later stuffed them as a “souvenir.”

In the 70´s it was made a series called The tales of the un expected, “The land lady” was adapted for film, and my class and I have just watched it. There were several differences between the movie and the short story. The short story started with Billy taking the train towards Bath, and he quickly started looking for a plaice to stay. In the movie, Billy talked for a while, with a priest on the train, who told him where he could spend the night.

The biggest difference between the movie and the short story is the fact that the short story lest the reader imagine what will happen next. The reader doesn’t know if the landlady has stuffed the men. The movie on the other hand, reveals everything. In contrast to the short story, we can see the stuffed men and we can see the landlady preparing for stuffing Billy.

Picture form the move "The landlady"
Picture form the move “The landlady”

Sandvika High School

Hello, my name is Aurora, and I’m a freshman at a High school named Sandvika vgs. Sandvika is a small city, which is located in the southeastern part of Norway. Sandvika is pretty close to the capital of Norway, Oslo. The students at Sandvika vgs, usually live near the area around Oslo, Bærum and Asker.

The Norwegian High School system is quite different from the High School system in for example The United States. In the USA, students often attend the high schools that are closest to their home, and they can’t decide which school they want to attend. In contrast, students in Norway have to compete with each other to attend their desired school. The “competition” involves having the best grades. If you get good grades in middle school, it is more likely that you will attend the High school that you desire.

Sandvika vgs is the most searched school in the county “Akershus”, so the students that attend this school often have quite good grades from middle school. There were 414 students that searched to attend sandvika vgs in the school year of 2015/2016, but the school only had room for 210 new freshmen. Luckuly I managed to get in to Sandvika.

Sandvika vgs used to be a collage named BI. Since BI was a collage, the building was built quite large. Today, the school has almost 900 students.